SimAssist - The Assistant for Professional Simulation Modellers

SimAssist – modular. individual. versatile.

SimAssist is a modular software for simulation modellers with Wizard functions for managing, analysing, visualising and documenting data.

The very first step in an often highly complex simulation project is to analyse and manage the input data which will be run in the simulation model of a system or process in order to generate a wealth of result data. These simulation results provide information on system throughput, throughput times, resource utilisation and much more.

Optimisation of your simulation projects

With SimAssist, we have created a professional tool to help you manage, evaluate, optimise and subsequently document your simulation projects and the relevant data used and obtained – regardless of the simulation software you have used and data sources you are working with.

SimAssist greatly facilitates the work of all simulation modellers and helps amortize the investment in simulation in the long term.

Individually configured to meet your specific needs

SimAssist provides you with a multitude of customisable plug-ins, which you can use to configure as desired the range of functions provided by the software. SimAssist can therefore be adapted to your specific requirements and working method – you specify how you want your project to be structured and the functions you need from a wide range of functions:• Data management

  • Data query
  • Data visualisation
  • Data control
  • Data processing
  • Experiment design
  • Experiment execution
  • Project documentation
  • Project management
  • Project optimisation

SimAssist has been primarily developed for use by simulation modellers, but also offers qualified, efficient support in many other areas – you can also order customised plug-ins tailored precisely to your needs. With a developer licence, you can create your own add-ons for SimAssist, and thereby take an active role in designing your own assistance software.


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Test licence

You can order test licences for SimAssist using the contact form.